Checked Out
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Overview - You are a citizen in a city, either working for the good guys (the Innocents) or the bad guys (the Guilty).

The game consists of several "trials" that take place. There is a narrator who is the judge of these trials. He runs the trials but must remain impartial.

Every trial ends either with everyone going to sleep (mistrial) or with an execution. The Innocents are trying to convict the Guilty criminals while the criminals are trying to remain hidden and get Innocents executed.

Also, one or two of the Guilty criminals are murderers who kill a citizen after every trial while everyone sleeps.

The game centers on someone who is the Detective trying to hunt down all of the Guilty before they murder everyone.

If the Guilty try to kill the Detective, the final round of the game commences. The citizens may still vote to convict criminals, but the Detective has his trusty sidearm and can shoot citizens at will! But he must be careful, if he kills any Innocent player the game is over and the guilty win!

There are also several roles to help the Innocent (heroes, lawyers, vigilantes...etc.) and the Guilty (serial killers, pyromaniacs, dirty cops...etc.). All roles are hidden, so make sure you don't trust your friends, they might be trying to get you killed!

Gameplay: Detective is a role playing/negotiation/strategy game similar to Mafia/Werewolf. It is slightly more complicated and advanced, and should probably be played by people who have experience with those games.

You are dealt a role telling you your powers and which side you are on. You must then try to figure out who is on the opposing side and get them executed, and who is on your side so that you may protect them.

Revealing your role card is not allowed, but feel free to lie and deceive your way to winning.

Components: All that you absolutely must have is the deck of cards to play (which can be found here). But it is strongly recommended that you play this game with a loaded cap gun for added tension and theme. Dark lighting and theme music will also enhance the experience.

Have fun!