Champion of Earth

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Champion of Earth

Description from the publisher:

Champion of Earth is an easy to learn, quick-play card game where the players defend the Earth from an alien invasion.

It has both both a co-operative and a competitive element because, while you want to defeat the invasion, the winner will be the one with the most enemy kills.

The deck consists of three types of cards: Player cards (which track your character's status), Monster cards (which represent the invaders) and Equipment cards (which represent the equipment the characters may use to defeat the Monsters).

The players take equipment and must match or exceed the power level of the invaders by playing that equipment. Many of the invaders have special abilities, and so does much of the equipment - these are listed on the cards where relevant.

During a player's turn, they choose between 1 and 3 equipment cards to draw and the same number of invaders are drawn and placed face down. The player then chooses how many of the invaders they wish to fight. That number of cards is turned over, beginning from the first card dealt. The player must then play Equipment on the Monster cards to defeat them and claim the corpses.

If they succeed in defeating the enemies, they chose to fight, it becomes the next player's turn. If they fail, they become Injured. If they are injured a second time, they die.

Even dead, a player can win - the victory condition is defeating the invasion and having the most enemy kills - you can be the Champion of Earth posthumously!