Wizard School

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Wizard School

Wizard School is like normal school, except it's a card game where you have to carefully manage your abilities and resources to make sure that you don't flunk out of the most prosaic magical academy in all the world.

Wizard School is a cooperative card game in which 2-5 players take turns at passing tests, besting monsters in the most epic group project of all time. And yes, you are graded cumulatively. When one of you fails, you all flunk out.

Difficulty and length of games can be managed by choosing from among 20 different graduation cards, which helps ensure that each game is a new experience.

Your goal may be to graduate, but you can’t let the monsters overrun the school. As they pile up, you’re forced to use your magic just to stay alive, and you may have nothing left to pass the Graduation Milestones. If you reach an F (on the Graduation Card), it’s Game Over.


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