Telepathy: Magic Minds

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Telepathy: Magic Minds

Telepathy: Magic Minds is a spell-binding new abstract strategy game based on the award-winning head-to-head gameplay of the original Telepathy, now updated with mystical and magical symbols.

In Telepathy: Magic Minds, two players (or teams) race head-to-head to see who can be the first to correctly guess the opponent's secret square using only strategic thinking, deduction, logic and a sharp memory. Secret squares are defined by four variables: symbol, color, row, and column.

Like Battleship meets Sudoku, after selecting and writing down the secret square on the Secrecy Shield, players then take turns making strategic guesses, recording the responses and eliminating variables until they feel confident they can correctly guess the secret square and win! The Secrecy Shields enhance the game play by providing a real focal point for your Telepathic powers so you can really try to concentrate to see if you can get that supernatural psychic advantage!


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