Mask of Anubis

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Mask of Anubis

Mask of Anubis is a mixture of "VR (Virtual Reality)" and a "Board game".
Insert a free application installed Smartphone into the "VR Goggles"!

The purpose of the game is to make the players cooperate to create the map of the maze.

One of the players will land on one point of the maze and will get 360 angle view of the maze by wearing VR goggles with a smartphone inserted.

This player will explain to the team members what he sees and his teammates will create the map of the maze.

Each player gets one minute to explain what they see, and the play passes to the next player (who will be presented a different view of the maze).

Repeat this 7 times and the game is cleared if the map is connected from the entrance to the goal correctly!

A smartphone is required to play this game.


An unexcavated pyramid has been found in a desert somewhere in Egypt. The interior of the ruin is a complicated maze and it is rumored that there is a King's Chamber inside. A treasure of the ancient God Anubis would be hidden in the depth of the maze. Professor B.Gammon, his assistant Seneto and their pet dog Ludo are challenged to investigate the maze. However, the entrance is just a small gap in the wall. Only a small dog can get through it. The professor decided to use the Mask of Anubis. The person who wears this mask can see the maze through the walls and create a map to help the dog Ludo to find its way to the Kings Chamber. Will Ludo be able to reach the King's Chamber with your help as a member of the investigation team?


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